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It was 4yrs ago that our son was born and we got this wonderful Diaper Gift set from a friend. But we felt it was missing the following:
🐻 Teddy Bear -32cm
🎉 Babylove extreme sensitive soap
🎉 Hipp premium diapers from 24pcs (Size 2)
🎉 Babylove extremely sensitive face & body cream 75ml
🎉 Babylove powder 100g
🎉 Babylove organic bedtime tea 2pc
🎉 Pacifer for 0 -6mths
🎉 Handmade blanket. Made of 100% micropolyester
hypoallergenic wool 90 x 70 cm
🎉 Handmade shoes made from 100% wool (0-6mths)
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